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Indiana Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2019 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE October 10, 2019
Indiana Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2019 Edition

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Features a comprehensive presentation of the Indiana’s Criminal Law and Procedure, Motor Vehicle Laws, the laws related to Alcoholic Beverages, Corrections, Juveniles and the Family, as well as hundreds of related statutes that law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often.

The Indiana Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, designed for this State’s law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, features a full presentation of the Indiana Criminal Law and Procedure (Title 35), Motor Vehicle Law (Title 9), Family Law and Juveniles (Title 31), Alcoholic Beverages (Title 7.1), State and Local Administration (Titles 4 & 5), State Police, Civil Defense (Title 10), Corrections (Title 11), Human Services (Title 12), the Environment (Title 13), and select provisions of related statutes that law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often. The newest b360m_edition also includes a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Highlights of Recent Legislation


Criminal Offenses Commonly Cited by Indiana Police Officers

Classes of Offenses and Penalties

Registration and Licensing Conversion Table

Indiana State Police Case I.C. Code Substitutes

Traffic Offenses Commonly Cited by Indiana Police Officers


Constitution of State of Indiana.

Title 1. General Provisions.


Title 4. State Offices and Administration.

Art. 30. Indiana State Lottery.

Art. 31. Pari-Mutuel Wagering on Horse Races.

Art. 32. Games of Chance [Repealed]

Art. 32.2. Charity Gaming

Art. 33. Riverboat Gambling.

Art. 35. Gambling Games at Racetracks.

              Art. 36. Type II Gaming in Establishments Licensed to Sell Alcoholic Beverages.


Title 5. State and Local Administration.

Art. 2. Law Enforcement Officers — Firefighting Personnel.

Art. 10. Public Employees.

              Art. 14. Public Proceedings.

              Art. 16. Public Works.

              Art. 26. Public Safety Communications.

Art. 27. Electronic Payments to Governmental Bodies.


Title 6. Taxation.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 7.1. Alcoholic Beverages.

              [Selected Provisions]



Title 8. Utilities and Transportation.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 9. Motor Vehicles.

Arts. 1 through 12 [Repealed]

Art. 13. General Provisions and Definitions.

              Art. 14. Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

              Art. 14.1. License Branches.

              Art. 15. Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commission.

              Art. 16. License Branches.

              Art. 17. Certificates of Title.

              Art. 18. Motor Vehicle Registration and License Plates.

Art. 18.1. Motor Vehicle Registration.

Art. 18.5. Distinctive License Plates.

Art. 19. Motor Vehicle Equipment.

Art. 20. Size and Weight Regulation.

              Art. 21. Traffic Regulation.

Art. 22. Abandoned, Salvaged, and Scrap Vehicles.

Art. 23. Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers.

              Art. 24. Drivers Licenses.

              Art. 25. Financial Responsibility.

              Art. 26. Accidents and Accident Reports.

              Art. 27. Traffic Safety and Driver Education Programs.

              Art. 28. Interstate Compacts and Agreements.

              Art. 29. Fees.

              Art. 30. General Penalty Provisions.

              Art. 31. Watercraft Titling and Registration.

              Art. 32. Dealer Services.

              Art. 33. Administrative Procedures.


Title 10. State Police, Civil Defense and Military Affairs.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 11. Corrections.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 12. Human Services.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 13. Environment.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 14. Natural and Cultural Resources.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 15. Agriculture and Animals.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 16. Health.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 20. Education.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 21. Education Finance.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 22. Labor and Industrial Safety.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 23. Business and Other Associations.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 24. Trade Regulations, Consumer Sales and Credit.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 25. Professions and Occupations.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 26. Commercial Law.

[Selected Provisions]


Title 27. Insurance.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 31. Family Law and Juvenile Law.

Art. 9. Definitions.

Art. 18. Family Law: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

              Art. 30. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Jurisdiction.

              Art. 30.5. Juvenile Law: Preliminary Proceedings.

              Art. 31. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Administration.

Art. 32. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Court Procedures.

              Art. 33. Juvenile Law: Reporting and Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Art. 34. Juvenile Law: Children in Need of Services.

Art. 36. Juvenile Law: Missing Children.

              Art. 37. Juvenile Law: Delinquency.

Art. 39. Juvenile Law: Juvenile Records.


Title 34. Civil Law and Procedure.

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure.

Art. 31.5. Definitions.

Art. 32. General Provisions.

Art. 33. Preliminary Proceedings.

Art. 33.5. Interception of Telephonic or Telegraphic Communications.

              Art. 34. Indictment and Information; Grand Jury.

              Art. 35. Pleadings and Procedure.

              Art. 36. Pretrial Notices, Motions, and Procedures.

              Art. 37. Trial Procedure.

              Art. 38. Proceedings Following Dismissal, Verdict, or Finding.

              Art. 39. [Reserved.]

              Art. 40. Victim Rights.

              Art. 41. Crimes — General Substantive Provisions.

Art. 42. Offenses Against the Person.

              Art. 43. Offenses Against Property.

              Art. 44. Offenses Against Public Administration [Repealed].

              Art. 44.1. Offenses Against General Public Administration.

              Art. 44.2. Offenses Against State Public Administration.

              Art. 45. Offenses Against Public Health, Order and Decency.

Art. 46. Miscellaneous Offenses.

Art. 47. Regulation of Weapons and Instruments of Violence.

Art. 47.5. Controlled Explosives.

Art. 48. Controlled Substances.

Art. 49. Obscenity and Pornography.

Art. 50. Sentences.

Art. 51. Criminal Statutes Codified Outside IC 35 [Repealed]

Art. 52. Criminal Statutes Codified Outside IC 35.


Title 36. Local Government.

              [Selected Provisions]




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